To run or to walk?

March 3, 2016 at 3:49 pm Leave a comment

As you may well know, Kenneth Young Center will be hosting it’s Annual 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, May 14th at Busse Woods! So you have to make the hard choice….to run or to walk?

In this post we’re going to be exploring the benefits of running and walking so you can start to get ready for those 3.1 miles.

The Benefits of Running

  1. Memory Boost: Did you know that exercise can actually reduce symptoms of dementia and protect your brain against Alzheimer’s? So not only are you keeping your body sharp but your brain as well!
  2. Blood Pressure: When you’re running, you’re not only working out your body but you’re working out your arteries when they expand and contract. This keeps your blood pressure at a normal rate.
  3. Relieves Stress: When you’re running your brain releases serotonin in the brain which keeps you calm and your stress levels down. Runner’s high anyone?
  4. Bone Density: Your bones can actually be stressed, however not in the way you think. When running your bones get stressed and your body responds by sending extra minerals to your bones and essentially makes them stronger (not Captain America strong but you get the idea).
  5. Weight Control: Probably one of the most obvious benefits, running helps you control your weight! You burn the most calories and get to treat yourself after a nice long run.
  6. Immune System: Running can strengthen your immune system, which means less illnesses and more running!

The Benefits of Walking

  1. Prevents Falls: Don’t think grandma could benefit from a walk? Think again. Walking on an uneven, natural terrain (like Busse Woods) can help the balance in people of all ages. A better balance could help prevent that fatal fall.
  2. Strong Muscles: When you’re moving you legs and your arms when you walk, you’re strengthening and toning you muscles. This increases when you’re walking up hills or stairs.
  3. Improved Sleep: Walking for one hour can actually help relieve insomnia at night. Get ready to count those sheep!
  4. Circulation: Just like running, walking can help lower your blood pressure. When you get your body moving it increases circulation and therefore strengthening your heart.
  5. Reduce arthritis pain: Walking one hour a day can reduce arthritis pain and actually prevent disability. It increases mobility and unclogs arteries.
  6. Brain Cells: In a study done on mice, it was shown that cardio activity such as walking can create new brain cells. Brain and body power!

So as you can see the benefits to walking and running are countless; it’s up to you to decide how you want to participate in our 5K Run/Walk! For more information visit our event site HERE. See you there!


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