Foods that look like body parts

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It’s a well known fact that eating a healthy diet is important for both your mind and body. Here is a list of foods that resemble the part of the body they’re benefiting!

1. Kidney Beans


Kidney beans actually help maintain the kidney and it’s function of extracting waste from your blood. They also provide many vitamins and minerals.

2. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes contain an antioxidant called beta-carotene that protects the body’s tissue from aging and cancer.

3. Tomatoes


Like the chambers of the heart, when you cut open a tomato you can see the different chambers. Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene that reduces heart disease, potassium for those with high blood pressure, and vitamin B6 to protect blood vessels.

4. Walnuts


Walnuts contain a lot of omega-3s which help keep the brain fluid and flexible. Walnuts can also prevent depression and increase your mental well being.

5. Mushrooms


Mushrooms contain vitamin D that is great for bones like the ones in your ears. A study has shown that people who are hard of hears are lacking vitamin D in their diet.

6. Celery


Celery is full of mineral calcium and Vitamin K which is great for strong bones, your spinal cord and bone density.

7. Ginger


Ginger is known to treat an upset stomach because it contains gingerols and shogaols. It is also used to disinfect foods from bacteria and boost digestion.

8. Carrots


Carrots contain beta-carotene, which our body converts into Vitamin A, an important nutrient for the eye’s overall health. Deficiency of the Vitamin A can easily lead to eye dryness, swollen eyelids, corneal ulcers, or even blindness.

9. Ginseng Root


Ginseng is and has been used for centuries as a holistic treatment for many ailments.

10. Broccoli


US National Cancer Society found that eating broccoli once a week can reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer by 45%.

11. Onions


Onions do a great job of cleaning out your body cells of waste. And when they make you cry, they’re helping wash away debris from your eyes.

Are there any we forgot? Were you surprised by any of these foods? Comment!



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